World Halal Summit 2015

The World Halal Summit (WHS) is an amalgamation of one international exposition and six conferences with a single aim – to harness the full potential of Halal within a globalised environment.

Hosted by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia (MITI), WHS gathers key Halal players not only from the industry but also other related groups including certifiers, scholars and academics.

Held annually in Kuala Lumpur, WHS is designed to transform dynamics of Halal-related events around the world. The coalescence of a Halal trade show and related Halal conferences under one entity aims to integrate all coordinated efforts in the development and promotion of the global Halal industry, extending the discourse well beyond the summit itself.

Structured as a high profile event, WHS will feature the world’s largest integrated Halal food and beverage trade fair, the Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) – now in its 12th edition with over 500 businesses showcasing their products and services from more than 30 countries you can be assured the TMFB will be attending this event.

WHS provides the ultimate platform for the growth of Halal industry not only for the Muslim market but for everyone. With the full support of the Malaysian government, coupled with the Halal event focused expertise of Shapers Malaysia Sdn Bhd as co-organisers and event manager, WHS sets out to be at the forefront of the global Halal industry.

Harness the power of globalisation via Halal.