There are 2 types of vegetarian products available on the market
1.    Approved by the Vegetarian Society
2.    Suitable for vegetarians

1. Approved by the Vegetarian Society
The Vegetarian Society checks and approves products that meet its conditions and these products display the vegetarian society logo and also state that the product is approved by the Society. These products are free from meat products but may contain alcohol, as it is permissible for vegetarians. There is a possibility that alcohol may be part of flavouring, flavour enhancer, processing aid etc. And this alcohol may not be declared on the ingredients list.

2. Suitable for vegetarian
Manufacturers themselves decide that their products are suitable for vegetarians. But these have not been approved by the Vegetarian Society. During our investigations some such products have found to contain animal products in their sub-ingredients. In addition these products may contain alcohol in the flavourings, flavour enhancers, processing aids etc. which may not be listed in the ingredients list.

Therefore it is not necessary that vegetarian products are always Halal.

Halal consumers must insist that manufacturers have their products Halal certified as this is the only means to guarantee products are totally Halal.