Halal is an Arabic word which means permitted, allowed, lawful or legal. In relation to food or drink it means that the food or drink is lawful, permitted or allowed for Muslims.
For a Food product to be Halal, it must be free from any product or by-product derived from all of the following.

  • Pig or Dog
  • Blood
  • Part or by-product of human body e.g.  human hair in L-Cysteine
  • Carnivorous animals
  • Birds with talons or birds that feed by snatching and tearing e.g. eagles and other similar birds
  • Reptiles and insects
  • Animals which are generally considered as repulsive such as lice, maggots, mice, rats, spiders and other similar animals.
  • Any marine animals except fish
  • Animals that live on land and in water (amphibians) like frogs, crocodiles and other similar animals.
  • Animals which have died, by any means other than slaughtering according to the Islamic Law.
  • Animals permitted under the Islamic Law (i.e. Cow, Sheep, Lamb, Goat, Poultry etc.)  which are not slaughtered according to the Islamic Law.
  • Wine, Ethyl Alcohol or Spirits
  • Intoxicating and hazardous plants
  • Food Products contaminated with any of the above